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Common Mistakes Made, & Questions Asked, By First Time CBD Users

Posted on January 07 2020

Common Mistakes Made, & Questions Asked, By First Time CBD Users

What are some common questions, or mistakes, that people make when they are trying CBD products for the first time?

The first trip to purchase CBD can be overwhelming and daunting. The first question that should be considered is what issue, or issues, are you hoping to address by using CBD?  Different methods of ingestion tend to work better for certain problems.  Are you dealing with arthritis?  If so, you might find the best option to be a CBD lotion.  Is your problem anxiety, and do you experience anxiety on a daily basis, or is it more sporatic, like anxiety attacks? 

Once you determine which type of product you want to start with, the next thing to consider is the strength, or mg amount.  This is the part that seems to cause the most confusion. The truth is that there isn't a "right" mg amount. What works for me, might not work for you.  So, it may take a few weeks to find what works best for you. If you decide to use CBD oil, realize that it can take 3-5 days to figure out if the amount you are taking is enough, or if you need to make an increase in dosage.  

When you are in pain, or dealing with dibiliating anxiety, it is easy to feel desperate for relief, which can cause people to buy 3 or 4 different products at once.  This isn't always the best idea.  Don't get me wrong, retailers want to make the sale, but, for example, if you have arthritis, and you purchase CBD oil and lotion, and begin using them both, how do you know if you really need both products?  So, my advice is to start with one product, use it for a week, see how it works, and go from there.

There are some customers who find that using two different types of is what works best for them, especially those with arthritis or nerve pain.  The oil drops alone may be enough on most days, but if there are days when their pain level is higher, using a CBD lotion may be necessary.  It is totally individual and depends on many different things, including metabolism, weight, and pain/anxiety levels.   


There are many issues that people have found CBD to be helpful for, the ones I have mentioned in this blog post are just a couple of those that seem to be most common.  In the next few weeks I will be sharing a list of other symptoms / issues that CBD is being used currently to help elivate.  I will also be sharing some results of research studies that have been done as well.  
The bottom line is, if you are curious about CBD and it's possible uses, walk into several CBD stores, ask questions, do some research on your own, and speak to your doctor or healthcare provider.  We welcome questions by our customers, and will do our best to answer them honestly.  If you have questions, and can't make it into our store, feel free to send us an email- and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  We also offer free shipping on all of our products, with no minimum purchase required.


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