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Douglas County Legal Issues Update

Posted on November 17 2019

Douglas County Legal Issues Update

    For those who may not have seen the article in the KC Star, the Douglas County D.A. has dismissed our charges. He chose to dismiss w/out prejudice, meaning he can re-file if he chooses to. However, we aren’t concerned about that happening, given the fact that we still don’t feel we were breaking any laws.  

    There is still a lot of confusion surrounding hemp in Kansas, and hopefully as time goes on, the agencies and departments in Kansas will be provided information to clear up that confusion. It would also be helpful for agencies to have access to the equipment that they need to be able to accurately differentiate between the two plants. For me, the most alarming thing about the whole situation, is that it started with an anonymous call, that has now been determined to have come from a competitor in the CBD retail business. There was no truth to the “tip”, and I believe that the caller knew that. Calls, (I’m assuming by the same person), had previously made to local law enforcement, telling them that we were selling hemp. When no action was taken, they decided to call the KBI, and claim that we were selling “marijuana, under the guise of it being legalized hemp flower”.  Without the proper testing equipment to differentiate between the two, the KBI decided to raid our store anyway.  What followed has been a total nightmare that could have easily been cleared up by looking at the test sheets I provided the officers with the moment that they walked into our store. They could have made calls to the hemp farms listed and verified those purchases easily. 

   My point is that it is such a shame that there couldn’t have been a simple conversation, as opposed to what it turned into, which was a costly 9 month nightmare. Not only costly to us, but to the state of Kansas as well. I am sure it isn’t cheap to send 6 KBI officers to execute a raid, there is the cost of using the lab to test material, which was a waste considering they don’t have the correct equipment, the cost to Douglas County who had 3 different prosecutors assigned to the case throughout the nine months, etc. As a tax payer, I would prefer my hard earned money go to investigating and prosecuting crimes that will positively impact the citizens of our state, like shutting down meth houses, breaking up sex trafficking rings, and putting murderers and rapists in prison. 

   Hemp is categorized the same as corn. It is a crop. It isn’t a scheduled drug, because no one is going to get high from it, and to my knowledge, no one ever committed a crime because they were “on hemp”.  

    We truly appreciate everyone who has continued to support us and our business. We opened our store to provide high quality products, that are affordable. We don’t inflate our prices, and we don’t make false claims in order to make a sale. We also don’t talk badly about our competitors. Competition is a good thing, and people should have options. 

   At this time, we are unsure whether or not we will keep the store in Lawrence open in the coming months. Which makes me incredibly sad, given how much work we have put into it, and how much we truly love our regular customers.  We are excited about our new store opening this week (🤞) in KC, MO @ 85th & Wornall (KC Collective), and we are looking into some other business opportunities as well. We will keep you posted:)

 **If you can't access the article with the link above, you can view it on our Facebook page.




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