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Pets & CBD

Posted on November 04 2019

Pets & CBD

To many pet owners, their animals are members of their family, and watching them age, and develop issues like arthritis is difficult.  We know this ourselves first hand.  We have 3 dogs, (yes, you read that right, 3), that range in age from 1 to 13 years old.   

Willy, (whose picture is on this blog), is our 13 year old yellow lab.  He is a big boy, weighing 105 pounds!  Willy is sweet and lovable, plus he listens better than all 4 of our kids combined!  So, about a year ago, when we would call his name, and he wasn't immediately standing in front of us, we knew that something wasn't right.  At first we thought maybe it was a hearing issue.  But we quickly began to realize that it was more than likely due to the fact that he was suffering from arthritis, which makes getting up and down the stairs, or even sometimes just getting up off of the ground, a painful and slow process for him.  

We began giving him CBD treats, and were shocked by how much more active he became almost immediately.   Over the past twelve months, we have started putting CBD tincture drops on top of Willy's food, as well as continuing to give him the CBD dog treats.  Taking CBD daily has had a very positive effect on Willy's pain and joint stiffness.  He is able to get up and down the stairs easier, he doesn't appear to be as anxious, and he even seems to be sleeping better.  

Regarding pets and CBD, one of the most common questions is about dosage amounts.  Recently, I was invited to attend a Lawrence Jayhawk Kennel Club meeting to speak on the topic of CBD and dogs.  I put together some general information CBD and the possible benefits for pets, as well as some suggestions about which strength of tincture to choose, and appropriate dosage amounts depending on your dogs size. If you are interested in information regarding pets and CBD, copies of the information that I handed out at the Kennel Club meeting is available in our store. 

Free State Collective CBD offers several products that can be used with both dogs and cats.  We offer CBD oil as well as packages of pet treats.  For those who would just like to try CBD with their pet, we also have single treats available for purchase. Our Yum Yum's pet line of tinctures and treats are made with the same high quality CBD isolate that we use in all of our products here at Free State Collective CBD.

Stop by and see us for questions regarding how CBD may benefit your pet!

**Seeking the advice of your veterinarian  is always encouraged.



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