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Nova Labs

Nova Labs HHC DISPOSABLE Vape Cartridge


Nova Labs introduces a phenomenal line of HHC cartridges that are guaranteed to keep you coming back for more!  Nova's products have been created with the help of a pharmacist, and are produced using high quality, artisan hemp flower.


HHC, like CBD or THC, is a cannabinoid found in cannabis.  HHC is similar to Delta 8 or Delta 10 THC in that it also produces a "head high".  It is roughly 70% - 80% the strength of THC, and users report feeling euphoric.  Interestingly, some are saying that HHC is actually just as, if not more, effective for pain management than CBD.  While there is some confusion regarding the legality of these cartridges in other surrounding states, it isn't an issue in Missouri. Stop by and check them out!  


Available in 4 flavors!