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Willy's "Wacky Tobacky" Pet Treats (AKA Yum Yum's)


Same great effects, different name!   Yum Yum's is now Willy's "Wacky Tobacky" Pet Treats! We changed the name to honor our dog Willy who we were fortunate enough to have with us for 13 years!  He was such a handsome guy, we figured he would be the perfect, furry face for our line of pet products!  Plus, Willy loved these yummy snacks, and they seemed to have a positive effect on his aches and pains, and he appeared to be less anxious as well!

We offer large treats (12mg each), as well as bags of smaller treats (5mg each).

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY: You can purchase a sample pack of our treats to try it out with your pet!  

If you have questions about how your pet may benefit from CBD treats, give us a call or stop by one of our stores.  We look forward to talking with you!

3mg of CBD per Treat

Pack of 30Treats for 150mg CBD Total

Pack of 15 Treats for 75mg CBD Total



Whole Grain Oats, Banana, Peanut Butter, CBD Isolate, MCT Oil


Recommended Dosage for your Pet:

Small (under 25lbs) = 1-2 treats per day

Medium (25-75lbs) = 2-3 treats per day

Large (75+lbs) = 3-4 treats per day