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Secret Nature

Artisan Hemp Flower (gram, eighth, quarter)


Premium CBD Hemp Flower:

  • *Top Shelf

  • *Organic

  • *CBD

  • *Terpene Rich

  • *Artisan 

  • *Black Label

  • *Hand Trimmed

  • *Lab Tested

  • *Vegan / Non-GMO

  • Rogue Valley, Oregon

Secret Nature CBD-rich cannabis (hemp) flowers are grown organically in living soil, in a lab-like indoor setting, by a passionate team of legacy cannabis cultivators.  Grown indoors in small batches allows for every aspect of the environment to be controlled.  This allows Secret Nature plants to reach their full genetic potential.  Secret Nature hemp flower is truly farm fresh, and their practices result in a superior and unrivaled end product, the highest quality CBD hemp flower available today.  There is no comparison in terms of appearance, fragrance, or flavor, and the difference is noticeable.  If you consider yourself a cannabis connoisseur, look no further than Secret Nature Artisan Hemp Flower.

Strains will vary depending on the current harvest.  Hemp flower is loose and sold by the gram, eighth, or quarter.  Current Strains and descriptions are listed below, but they change often as they sell out quickly.  The best way to get a current list of the strains we have in stock is to call our store.


Citron  - Sativa - 18.4% CBD

     Terpene Profile / Aroma: Sweet, Lemons, Candy Haze


Diesel Puff - Sativa - 17.4% CBD

      Terpene Profile / Aroma: Gas, Lemon, Citrus, Earthy


Secret Dream - Sativa - 19% CBD

      Terpene Profile / Aroma: Sweet, Haze, Mint


Secret O.G. - Indica - 17.2% CBD

      Terpene Profile / Aroma: Haze, Cream, Earth


Sour Gummi - Hybrid - 21.4% CBD

      Terpene Profile / Aroma: Sweet, Gummy Bears


**All taxes are included in prices

**Hemp is legally mailable to all states.  Hemp is federally legal.  Hemp and the THC found in hemp have been excluded from the list of controlled substances. In order to be considered hemp, the plants must contain no more than .3% THC, 

**Test results can be found online

**Free Shipping on purchases greater than $25


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