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Treea LLC

Treea Mulberry Tea - 60mg CBD


Treea Tea is a small business, whose goal is to create healthy products with organic ingredients, located right here in Lawrence, Kansas!  Mulberry provides benefits health benefits, including inhibiting the absorption of glucose, making it great for those who are watching their weight.  Mulberry leaves also contain 4-5 times more protein than wheat grass or kale.  

Treea Tea provides the health benefits of mulberry, as well as those that may be had by consuming hemp-derived CBD isolate.  Better than the health benefits though, is the taste!  Treea Tea is offered in several different delicious flavors, and can be served cold or hot.


*Mulberry Leaves- Organic, no pesticides/fertilizers 

*Each package of Treea Tea Bags contain 60 mg CBD (30 mg per tea bag).

*Tea bags are 100% plastic free, and made from unbleached corn fiber