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Willy's "Wacky Tobacky" Large Pet Treat 10mg


Willy's "Wacky Tobacky" Large Pet Treat

**The mg amount has increased in our large treats!  (was 12mg - now 30mg)  The recommended dosage amounts for pets is .25mg x pounds.  This should be considered to be a starting point for dosage.  Depending on the severity of your dogs issues, they may require more. (For example, our yellow lab, Willy, who weighed 110 pounds and had arthritis, took approximately 30mg twice a day.)  

Weight:          Dosage:

5 lbs.               1.25mg

10 lbs.              2.5mg

15 lbs.              3.75mg

20 lbs.              5.0mg

30 lbs.              7.5mg

50 lbs.              12.5mg

60 lbs.              15.0mg

80 lbs               20 mg

100 lbs.            25 mg 

30mg of CBD per Treat


Whole grain oats, banana, peanut butter, CBD Isolate, MCT oil

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3 for $10